The Gold Book

The Gold Book
for Men & Women

A Service Manual for Life

The Gold Book for Men and Women – Men’s and Women’s Service Manual for Life is a service manual, designed to help Men and Women at all ages prevent diseases from forming, as well as detect Men’s and Women’s diseases at an early stage, before they cause irreparable damage.

Author Dr Guy Hingston has been a doctor for over 20 years, and has specialised in the surgical mangagement of cancer. It is hoped that with the help of this innovative Gold Book Service Manual, that these diseases can be successfully treated without getting to the stage where they threaten lives.

This 184 page paperback has a preventive health introductory Section I, followed by an ‘Age Page’ Section II, consisting of two yearly service manual check-ups from Age 4 to Age 48 and then yearly from Age 50 to Age 90. Teenagers should get into the habit of using these service manuals regularly at school in health education classes so that when they are older, they will be used to this concept.

For every Gold Book for Women purchased, at least $1 will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, to help with their efforts to fight breast cancer.